For Spinners :

Fleeces: White ($5 kg) or Natural Colour ($6 kg):  ( all sold)

Rovings: Natural Colours vary each year, each100grm approx. (.13c per grm approx)

For Knitters :

Yarn: Natural Colours, AVAILABLE  now in Rovings/Yarn  (In Balls which is still easily dyed)

White or Light natural colours may be dyed/overdyed.

Postage: to be paid by Purchaser.

Payment: Either Direct Banking online or paypal. (Site still being updated for online purchase)


All prices subject to change.

All product subject to availability.

Shropshire Wool Rovings available in 2017. Processed without chemicals in Victoria. Grown in the Strathbogie Ranges. No mulesing. 100% Australian product. Easy to spin, excellent wool for socks, or any garment of choice. Adds resilience to any other natural fibre mixed with the Shropshire Wool. Best spun fine to medium. Charcoal with light Silver Grey. Finished spun yarn can be dyed same as any other wool product. Takes dye very well. A warm lightweight fibre. Can be hand washed in cold water, using a quality woolwash and following woolwash directions as shown by manufacturer. Do not hang to dry, lay flat on towel. Best not to spin dry.


NB: Shropshire Wool does not wet felt

Available 2017: Yarn 4/5 ply Lambs Wool with Alpaca. Cost .11c per grm.      White Rovings: Maiden Ewe/Lambs Wool, cost .13c. per grm.

Grey/White Rovings: Maiden Ewe/Lambs Wool, cost .14c per grm                   White/Blue Rovings: Maiden Ewe/Lambs Wool cost. 14c. per grm

White/Blue/Black rovings: Maiden/Lamb/Suri X cost .15c per grm.                    Discount given for multiple purchase.

Natural Colour Rovings and Yarn Now Available                                          Landscape Dyes used.

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